Flag-Up Ball Retrieval

Now that the PGA and R&A allow golfers to leave the flag in whilst putting, golf holes increasingly run the risk of being damaged by any of the following;

  1. Golfers using the flag itself to flick their balls into the air, pushing them against the side of the hole for purchase
  2. Golfers reaching in with their putters to hook the ball out
  3. Golfers putting their hands into what is a smaller hole to get their ball back

All of these things can lead to the integrity of the hole being affected, meaning when a new hole is prepared, the turf being used to fill the old hole with not fit properly and the green suffers as a result.

With Hedgehog Flag-Up, not only is the hole more protected from all of the above; it just means that golfers can gently and easily lift out the flag, and all the balls come out with the flag, presented on a little cup for easy retrieval - no more stooping to get the ball out of the hole!

Hedgehog Flag-Up simply clips over the existing flagpole, but sits at the bottom of the cup waiting for the golfers to finish before it steps in to effortlessly present the balls to the golfers.

It's such a simple idea, but so effective, as Hedgehog products always are!

So, protect your holes, and the backs of your golfers with Hedgehog Flag-Up! 

To find out more, call 01444 236172, or email info@hedgehoggolf.com for more details today!