How They Work

On courses which suffer during wet weather, traditional flat golf trolley wheels can cause heavy damage to the fairways of your favourite golf course.

They compact the soil, flatten and eventually kill the grass and leave the fairway in a terrible state. Electric trolleys are even worse - their wheels can spin in wet conditions leading to horrendous damage as in the picture below.

Frosty conditions are bad for the course too! Flat wheels bunch the grass together, causing it to burn, and eventually die. If you look at the image below, you virtually can't see where the two wheels with Hedgehogs have been!

Add it all up, and this is why many pro's, clubs and greenkeepers ban trolleys in the winter months.

Hedgehog wheel covers and wheels allow pro's, clubs and greenkeepers to let you back on the course with your trolley, whilst keeping damage to the course to a bare minimum.

Simply put, Hedgehogs reduce contact with the soil surface by over 85%; and the parabolic studs part the grass and leave nothing more than a little dimple in the soil. This dimple is quick to recover and may actually help with vertidrainage (so a local greenkeeper told us).

In addition to helping the fairways, because of the reduced contact with the surface, Hedgehogs are proven to make your trolley lighter to pull and this in turn can mean your charge on your electric trolley will last longer. Also, because of the design, (unlike some other winter wheel solutions) Hedgehogs will not pick up mud from the fairways, for you to take home!

So, if your golf course bans the use of trolleys during the winter, point them in our direction - it's in everyone's benefit!